Aspen 2000

Standard 500 gallon sprayer with plastic tank 

Equiped with high CFM fan units vs low HP to save fuel

Our plastic tank has 1/2" thick walls for long durability


Inox Compact 2000

Our Compact series Sprayers are designed and developed through research and modernization of high density orchard plantings

Equiped with high CFM fan units vs low HP to save fuel

Only messures 56" wide


Standard Orchard sprayer with 36" fan unit and spring mounted tank. Build for tough enviorments 

Centrifugal or diaghram pump options

Mechanical or pressure agitation options

INOX 1000G

The INOX1000G is a sprayer special designed for Pecan and Almond trees but is also a perfect sprayer for any high tree orchard.

The patented fan unit with up to 64,000CFM is designed to penetrate the dense foilage and get a great coverage.

Our Stainless Steel tanks are all spring mounted to avoid rupture. 

Storm 1200

This sprayer is the largest of its kind and is designed for large growers in mind, it has done a great job with its dual fan system of 50" in diameter and John Deere engine of 300hp

300 hp John Deere engine

1200 gallon tank